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Fraud Alert

Multiple fraud attempts using Roth Staffing Companies or our other business line names: Ultimate Staffing Services, Ledgent Finance & Accounting, Ledgent Technology or Adams & Martin Group have been reported to us. Please be aware we NEVER collect sensitive information, such as social security numbers, through instant messaging services or text and we never ask for payment for our services.

We have been notified of an increase in “fake postings” representing our Roth Staffing Companies brands (e.g., Ultimate Staffing Services) through channels such as Facebook. This use is without our authorization by persons who are not related to Roth Staffing in any way. These fraudsters place job advertisements on social media platforms with the goal to collect data or payments from potential candidates.

How to Protect Yourself

At Roth Staffing Companies, we do not collect sensitive information from our candidates through insecure/non-encrypted texts, emails, or social media platforms.

We never ask job candidates to:

  • pay any fee to work or to receive payment from us
  • cash checks from any sources
  • purchase any product, service, or gift cards
  • supply sensitive financial information such as credit card numbers or banking PIN numbers

We do not make job offers to candidates or request candidates to send applications through instant messaging services such as Telegram. We also will not ask for any government identification numbers, such as Social Security Numbers, banking or payment information on any instant messaging services.

ALWAYS be alert to these types of requests from any source as they are likely fraudulent attempts to access your personal information or

What To Do if You Suspect Fraud

Please email contactus@rothstaffing.com if you receive any suspicious communications that reference Roth Staffing or any of our business lines.

If you are looking for a job, connect with Roth Staffing through our websites.

We encourage you to report the review the additional resources below and report the activity to the Federal Trade Commission:

Federal Trade Commission: Job Scams

Federal Trade Commission: What to Do If You Were Scammed

Federal Trade Commission: Division of Marketing Practices

Federal Trade Commission: How To Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams

Federal Trade Commission: Recovering from Identity Theft

We only ask for completion of information through our secure and password protected platform. We never request copies of identification documents until after an offer of employment with our company has been made and only for compliance with government regulations (e.g., in conjunction with completion of a Form I-9 under the Immigration Reform and Control Act).