Business Clients

  • Free Orientation

    We use the only formalized needs analysis in the staffing industry that systematically allows us to develop an understanding of each hiring manager's perception of quality… and we continually improve our understanding of your expectations over time.

    Process Adapt ensures that the finance and accounting hiring manager receives special attention and a unique level of service from our recruiter. Our ultimate goal is to view candidates through your eyes.

    When we receive a request from a new finance and accounting hiring manager, it is our policy at Ledgent to conduct a Process Adapt – we come meet with you in-person at the workplace and ask a handful of very key questions that give us the insight we need to hire the way you would.

    Why waste time beginning a candidate search only to find out the finance and accounting candidates we are presenting are all wrong? This process makes our search more efficient and improves the quality of the candidates we find. As our partnership continues, the level of quality continues to improve each and every time.

  • Orientation & Re-Orientation is Free

    When our Ambassador takes on a longer assignment for you, it requires a bit of orientation… time in which our Ambassador is not performing work for you. Your returning employee may also need some time with our Ambassador when they get back. With Ledgent, you only pay for productive time.

    Our candidates can complete the required assessments in our office or from home for convenience.


    We can choose from more than 600 software assessments and finance and accounting skill assessments that mirror the actual work environment. Each assessment is continually validated by industry experts so that they remain updated and pertinent.


    Our talent assessments provide insight into the natural abilities and behaviors the candidate uses to excel in their role and helps determine if those traits are a good fit for the open position at your workplace.

  • Direct Hire Guarantee

    Our internal Customer Experience department regularly measures the satisfaction and engagement levels of our finance and accounting managers, and then creates action plans for continual improvement.

    We want to create a remarkable experience for you, each and every time you contact us.

    By studying the factors that drive your satisfaction, we are able to continually improve and get better at delivering world class service.

    No other finance and accounting staffing firm has received the recognition and accolades that we have for service and quality.

    Our pursuit to be the best is a relentless one and our commitment to quality is uncompromising.

  • Benefits to Ambassadors

    Our finance and accounting staffing firm has always believed that putting our Ambassadors first and treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve, would result in better service for our clients.

    Since we opened in 1994, we offered a comprehensive array of benefits to temporary employees when other staffing firms were not.

    We continue to offer benefit options and services to temporary employees that are similar to what is offered to full-time employees. Our offerings surpass the required level of benefits mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

    We continue to be recognized in the industry for creating a best place to work for temporary employees, our Ambassadors. They are motivated to perform with excellence while on assignment at your workplace and you benefit from consistent quality of work.