Professional Resolutions for the New Year

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The beginning of a new year brings a lot of promises, changes, and new opportunities. As we kick off 2022 with fresh eyes, it’s time to reflect on what we want to achieve and what our professional goals might be this year.Whether you want to step it up in your role or learn about a new department, take this opportunity to focus on some career goals that have been on your mind. Now is the perfect time to come up with your very own professional resolutions for the new year.

10 Inspiring Professional Resolution Ideas for 2022

Just like we use SMART goals at work, this analysis works perfectly for yourself. Here are some professional resolutions to inspire you to take your career further this year.

1. Incorporate healthy habits during your workday

Whether you’re working remotely or going into the office, try to incorporate some healthy habits during the day. Little things such as eating healthy meals, sipping water throughout the day, and taking breaks to stretch and move will go a long way to support your mental and physical wellbeing. Additionally, you can take walks during your breaks or even work at a standing desk to avoid sitting for too many hours at a time.

 2. Network more

Take the opportunity of the new year to network with professionals in your field! Networking can be a great opportunity to learn from industry leaders, get to know peers in your industry, and gain good insights. Now, these opportunities have even gone virtual, making it easy to join events and conferences within the comfort of your own home. With remote networking opportunities, you can look at making many different connections, some even across the globe. Additionally, networking doesn’t only have to be outside of the office, get to know your colleagues to create valuable connections that will only help you further your professional

3. Reevaluate your professional goals

It’s always a good idea to take the time to reflect on your goals and where you want to be. Now is the time to reevaluate your career goals and see what you want your growth to look like this year. This could mean taking on a learning opportunity or working toward a promotion.

4. Update your social media

If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn or other professional platforms, it’s time to update your profile with your latest achievements and interests. Everyone looks at social media to get to know you – personally and professionally. If there are any profiles you need to revamp, take some time, and clean them up to keep them current.

5. Find a mentor

It doesn’t have to be as formal as you think! If there is someone at work that you respect and want to learn from, ask them if they are willing to be your mentor. Mentorship is a great way to further your career and learn from someone you look up to.

 6. Look into relevant learning opportunities

If there is a certification or education course that will push your career forward and help you learn a new skill, go for it! Taking on this opportunity will only help you grow in your role as you gain valuable insight from your certification. By differentiating yourself in your role, you will become an asset to the company and set yourself up toward a path of career success.

7. Stay (or try to be more) organized

Whether you’re a digital or paper person, try to maintain a to-do list this year. Not only is it extremely satisfying to strike something off your list, maintaining a list of priorities will help you stay organized and reach deadlines with less stress. Additionally, clean out your inbox and declutter your working space to start new this year.

8. Strive for work-life balance

We all want to balance our work with our personal lives. If you have been feeling burned out or stressed, use this year to focus on how you can achieve work-life balance so you can have time for your personal matters as well as professional progress. To fully achieve this balance, you need to figure out the areas in your life that you have been neglecting and see how you can make more time for them as your year commences.

9. Take on a volunteering opportunity

Today, more and more companies are looking to give back to the community. Whether you can start a volunteer group or if you can join a program organized by your company – go for it! Volunteering is a great way to bond with your coworkers, do some good and have fun while doing it.

10. Stay positive!

Your positive attitude sets you apart from everyone else! With a more optimistic and positive attitude, you will start feeling better about your situation and stay focused on your goals. Avoid comparing yourself to others and try to feel grateful for the job you have and the opportunities that come with it.

May Your 2022 Be A Success

Taking the time to reflect and understand where you stand in your career will help you focus on your future goals and aspirations. Making resolutions can not only help you focus on your goals but also help you look forward to the future with optimism and positivity.